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Author's NotesManage your business on the go with Teamleader’s easy-to-use Android app!


Combining CRM, project management and invoicing in one intuitive solution, Teamleader is easy-to-use software that makes work easier for more than 10 000 SMEs. Designed specifically with your workflow in mind so you can get more stuff done with far less hassle.

With Teamleader for Android, you can stay on top of your business, your leads, your customers and your team - wherever you are.

📆 Focus on the day ahead, with a clear overview of your tasks, meetings and calls. Teamleader’s clean dashboard gives you a clear and chronological overview of all your due and scheduled items.

⏱️ Track time spent on tasks in one click. Start tracking time on your browser and continue on your phone or the other way around. With Teamleader, tracking your working hours becomes easier than ever.

🏗️ Create digital work orders and track mileage, working hours and materials used. The mobile app is your right-hand man for the job. Track your mileage, working hours and materials, and add everything to one digital work order.

🗂️ Get instant access to all your contact data. Have your complete CRM database at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Access and update contact information for leads or customers, and see a history of all previous interactions.

📇 Scan business cards to store contact information. Use your phone’s camera to scan business cards and instantly add new contacts and leads to your CRM database.

📈 Manage your sales opportunities at any time. Sell on the go, update CRM data in real-time, and close your deals faster. Add new deals in the palm of your hand, or move existing ones through your sales pipeline.

💰 Keep track of payments and invoicing. Check which payments are still outstanding, or view the pdf file of all your draft, outstanding and matched invoices.

Note that a Teamleader account is required to use Teamleader for Android.

About Teamleader: Teamleader is easy-to-use software that makes work easier for 10,000+ SMEs. CRM, project management and invoicing in one handy tool. For more information, visit or
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Teamleader: CRM, Project Management, Invoicing APK - v2.4.5

Updated: 2020-11-11

What's new

At Teamleader, we’re dead set on making your work easier. This new release includes a set of small changes:
- Provinces or french departments are now available in the app for Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal.
- When you rename a quotation document this new name is now shown on the mobile app too
- We will soon release a change that allows you to see the customer linked to a meeting

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2.4.5 (244)2020-11-11
2.4.4 (243)2020-11-05
2.4.3 (241)2020-10-15
2.4.2 (231)2020-06-10
2.4.1 (229)2020-06-09
2.4.0 (214)2020-03-09
2.3.2 (196)2020-02-02
2.3.1 (192)2020-01-23
2.3.0 (179)2019-12-02
2.2.1 (168)2019-10-28
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