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Author's NotesDivination in the Tarot cards. Prediction of the future and nothing superfluous.


  - Full description of the major and minor arcane Tarot:
  - Fortune telling on Tarot cards: I have selected six layouts for you, which will help to find answers to your questions.

- Widget - "Card of the day"

Tarot cards is a divination tool that over the centuries has become standard practice in spiritual communities.

Each card in the deck symbolized something and based on that symbol, the game would unfold in a specific way. But the symbols on the Tarot cards represented entire concepts such a spiritual principals, philosophical ideas and societal archetypes.

Tarot is a powerful way of revealing the truth about your life.

There are several legends about when, where and for what tarot cards appeared. The most common of them says: the ancient Egyptian priests for encrypting the future generation have encrypted secret information in the symbols of the Tarot.

The following legend says that scientists who worked at the Alexandria Library decided to write a book that would contain all the wisdom of the world. The sages encrypted it in the form of a game, referring to the fact that gambling is more difficult to destroy than any books.

Some authors argue that the Tarot is a legacy of Atlantis spiritual.

In any case - Tarot cards remain the most popular tool for fortune telling.

Program contains Tarot card meanings for each of the 78 Tarot cards: Major and Minor Arcana plus all four suits. And of course fortune telling: I selected the most popular layouts.
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Updated: 2020-01-03

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