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Author's NotesShooter in PvP mode. Put your tactical skills and win the Great Iron War!


Tanks vs Robots is a new word in PvP battles, where robots and tanks square off in on-line combat!

Logbook, record X-137 – current date 2156 A.D. War.

The war is always war, the only thing that changes is weapon. The progress let us create new kinds of armament.
Military robots and new tanks stuffed with powerful modern weapon. What can be better?
Robots has serious armed power, that in short time decrease the number of enemies. But any military robot is nothing without skilled pilot!

You are the defender of your country, you don’t accept any compromises. Under the layers of solid armor, the heart of tankman is beating.
Be the tank commander and destroy your enemies on the large-tonnage armored machine which fire power will exceed any expectation!

It’s your time, recruit! Victory or defeat depends on you!

Don’t think your enemies will be an easy target.
Difficult decisions, cunning tricks and tactical ploys are waiting for you! But remember: the most difficult opponent is you yourself.


• Players from all over the world in real-time
• Modern 3D graphics!
• Great number of upgrade systems
• Various camouflages and decals
• Great variety of battlefields
• Dynamic battles, nothing but action without moment of respite
• Battle quests for those who wants additional profit
• You can choose any play mode: team battle or free for all. And it’s all for FREE!

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Participate in the tournaments and take the first prize in rating!

Earn all the reward and share your progress with friends in Google+ and Facebook!

Fill your life with adrenaline buzz, start your own battle!
Unless you accept a fight, you will not know…
Attention! The app requires stable internet connection!

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Tanks VS Robots: Real Steel War Robots and Tanks APK - v2.69

Updated: 2017-10-29

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