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The game tanks a game that many people are interested in and favorite in an adventure to fight in the war, the players will find new tanks within the game The tank is a popular game to do in many places, including cartoon or movie, made it movie war battle to prevent the base. Or protect the city itself, many people dream of in a military force to drive the tank went out to battle against the opponent a recon, the car can both attack the opponent by special weapons attached Such as laser or rockets, and also shields, bulletproof. Tanks game mainly has the characteristics of four coin premium and future also development. To be able to fly or drive all over the place.

Within the game, players will be forced to go to the battle of the bulge in the middle war by the player must shooting the weapon on tanks. The opponent's attack also base a shots. The bridgehead by the player will fight and attack the opponent to prevent not being invaded destroyed, as well as players have to shoot the helicopters vs apache. The player commander a can game weapons and army, on the way, and can also be the game collect special equipment that can be used to buy weapons within the game. When the player fight between. If the player is attacked or hits the opponent into the crash. The shield of the players will be reduced and the game ends immediately, within the game , players will need to design Chinese deposit in battle mod, and faced with the entire building car and race. Many such as Tiger tanks with large and high durability or tanks and iron in the legend with the ability to penetrate to the various places. The weapons battles are characterized 3D so players can attack all tanks a blitz, players are able to a airplanes. Pass to the next mission a racing. A tank game real fight and defense a killer is trouble. In which the player can download to play it for free a destroyer. Can play both online and offline, not the Internet and wifi is a simulator tank last, realistic and it, with the fighting as a team, to achieve victory a craft. world And the maximum points.

Wars Game hero apps data.

1 best graphic design beautiful and battlefield, can play all the people for kids.

2 sound a10, like play fun for kinds

3 controlled easily, can play anywhere.

4 can the game builder ball used to buy two cool weapons for english and guns riders, various.

Thank you for the download.
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Tank war free games 2 APK - v2.0

Updated: 2019-12-08

What's new

Latest game update v2.0
Thank you for downloading fun games from us.
Solve game login issues
64 bit support
Solve the problem of slow loading of games.
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