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Author's NotesSync is the best way for you to engage with your favourite businesses


Your trusted businesses on your phone
Sync enables all your trusted businesses to set up a blazing app-like experience for you. This means that you can deal with all your favourite and trusted businesses in one app - Sync. No more multiple apps for multiple businesses.

This helps your trusted businesses too. By setting up their business with Sync, they can save money, time, and effort spent on technology, and focus on improving their business. Get all your trusted business on Sync, it’s a win-win!

Sync for businesses
Customers who love you just can't stop talking about you to their friends and colleagues. But at the same time, you know that people just don't enjoy typing in website names apart from a big few. Even, when they do, they're doing it from their mobiles, where apps reign supreme.

You know you need an app
And your customers would love it too. But apps are costly and time-consuming to develop, besides needing considerable technical know-how. And once the app is made, constant need for updates and maintenance can make a serious dent in your resources and eventually become a liability.

Sync is your partner in enabling you to create a superior app-like experience for your business and your customers. Sync saves you:
- Money. All the key modules you want for your business app are available for free
- Time. Setup an app-like experience for your business, faster than the time it took you to read this
- Effort. You can set up your business's app-like experience, all by yourself. Drag and drop, that's it!

Download Sync today to setup your business with the following, for free:
- Catalog with categories and unlimited product listings
- Digital payments
- Interactive feed
- Order, payment, and delivery reminders
- In-depth excel and PDF exports
- Group chat, and much more

If you run a business, then Sync is the fastest way to give the best experience to your customers. With Sync, your business can now truly be on every phone. Download now.
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Sync - Your Trusted Businesses on Your Phone APK - v0.0.188

Updated: 2020-07-30

What's new

- Share catalog is now available
- Fix prepayment if confirm before pay is selected
- Fix misc charges calculation
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