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Sweetalk is an international social application for AI translation. Six AI translation functions can help you stay in touch with business partners and friends around the world, Barrier-free communication, and easily connect with friends in the world.

Why use Sweetalk?

1. Five AI translation scenarios cover online and offline communication:text translation、voice translation、 call translation、video call translation、translation headset etc.
2. 30 multilingual translations covering more than 100 countries worldwide
3. Multimedia support:text、picture、video、voice、phone and other functions.
4. Circle of friends:always share wonderful moments in life with friends around the world.
5. Chat page color:always change the color of mood with friends.
6. Make new friends worldwide and explore new international business opportunities.
7. Privacy protection, strictly protect the privacy of users, one-click incineration function, completely erase data.

Welcome to the world of Sweetalk artificial intelligence. AI technology enables social interaction, changes the social interaction method, and completely breaks down barrier-free communication worldwide.
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Sweetalk APK - v3.6.2

Updated: 2021-01-07

What's new

- Optimize and fix known bugs
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3.6.2 (362)2021-01-07
3.6.1 (361)2020-12-25
3.6.0 (360)2020-12-23
3.5.9 (359)2020-11-25
3.5.7 (357)2020-11-07
3.5.6 (356)2020-11-01
3.5.4 (354)2020-10-22
3.5.3 (353)2020-10-04
3.5.2 (352)2020-09-10
3.5.0 (350)2020-09-06
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