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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesA unique sandbox full of incredible adventures!


Greetings, friends! We will present you an innovative sandbox in which you can create everything that is only capable of generating your imagination. You will have in your hands everything you need for a given purpose - tools, weapons, building blocks and other resources - everything you may need in order to build your own dream world. The good news ends here.

Bad news.
At night, you will need to be very careful. The sandbox is inhabited not only by virtual characters of real players, but also by mobs - these are predators, monsters, skeletons, zombies, huge spiders, etc. You have to fight all this evil spirits and in case of victory over them you will get access to valuable resources - they will become your reward.

But besides hostile players and mobs, friendly mobs - farm animals and plants - that you can use as renewable resources, will live in the sandbox next to you.
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Super Crafting and Building 2020 APK - v3

Updated: 2020-07-07


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