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OS RequireAndroid 2.3 - 2.3.2 - Gingerbread
Author's NotesSundial Atlas Mobile shows the sundials that are present around you.


The program shows the map of the country around your position, it then makes access to the data base of Sundial Atlas ( and it downloads all the sundials that are present in the map that is shown on the display.
Each sundial is represented by an icon on the place where it is installed (if the icons are more than 200 then the app collects them under a single icon in order to avoid the user interface slowing down).

The map can be dragged and zoomed.
A find command can be used to show the map around a desired known place.

Sundials downloaded from internet are stored in a local data base.
Therefore when an internet connection is not available, or the user denies the permission to use it by means of the dedicated option in the preferences, it is still possible to explore the map.

A click on a sundial icon opens a window where a low resolution image of the sundial (just downloaded from internet if available) is shown together with its ID (f.i. IT3979), its geograpic coordinates and its location precision as declared when registered to Sundial Atlas.

A click on this window opens a dialog where, together with a medium resolution image of the sundial (if a connection is available), the following commands are available:
- "Sundial Atlas data sheet" shows the sundial data sheet in the Sundial Atlas site using the predefined browser
- "navigator" opens the navigator with the sundial coordinates as the destination
- "Street View" opens Street View on the sundial place

A menu command shows some statistic information about the local data base and the map that is shown on the display.

Sundial Atlas Mobile needs the following permissions:
- network connession for maps and sundials download
- GPS localization

If you have any problem with this app please let me know what's happening !
This is the only way for me to be informed and try to solve the problem (this app supports more than 5000 devices, I cannot test it on everyone !)
You can send me an e-mail. Or you can authorize the transmission of the report log that is automatically created by Android when an app crashes: this report is completely anonymous.

More information on the program are available from the author's site:

From this same site a complete free program for sundial design and simulation is available (Windows only).

Other apps from the same author: SolEtUmbra shows the sun ephemerides, shows a sundial as computed on the plane that contains the device display, shows the path of the sun in the sky.

The author can be contacted at the address:

Sundial Atlas Mobile develoment has been made possible through the s/w code that Fabio Savian has developed on the server side.
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Sundial Atlas Mobile APK - v2.7

Updated: 2017-09-12

What's new

rev. 2.8
Updated for new Google requirements
rev. 2.7
Error fixed
rev. 2.6
Error fixed
rev. 2.5
Color code added to pushpins
rev. 2.4
Polish language added
rev. 2.3
minor bugs fixed
rev. 2.2
map can now be displayed in normal view (as opposite to satellite view)
rev. 2.0
user interface upgraded
rev. 1.11
fixed an issue with the "find" menu command
rev. 1.8 - 1,9
improved several features
rev. 1.5 - 1.7
now public "paths" can be selected to filter out the sundials on the display
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