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Author's NotesGet sunrise and sunset times, moon data, and track the sun and moon's location


Sun Position shows you sunrise and sunset times, as well as the solar and lunar path on an augmented reality camera view for any day of the year at your current location. Its handy data screen also gives you other useful information including moon rise/set times, golden hour and twilight times, and moon phase information.

The app has a map view which plots the daily sun and moon path relative to your current location. It also contains a widget for your home screen showing sunrise/set times for the current day and your current location.

This app is a demo of the full version of Sun Position, which is restricted to showing you sun position data only for the current day. To view data for any day of the year see our full Sun Position app (

- Plan a photography shoot - know in advance exactly when and where sunrise and sunset will be
- Viewing a potential new home? Use this app to find out when you'll get sun in your kitchen.
- Planning a new garden? Find out which areas will be the most sunny, and which areas are likely to be in shade throughout the day
- Getting solar panels? Check whether nearby obstructions will be a problem.

For more information on the data included in Sun Position see our blog post:
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Sun Position, Sunrise, and Sunset Demo APK - v3.7.1

Updated: 2020-05-31

What's new

* Choose 12 or 24 hour time display in the preferences menu
* [Full version] Added events and notifications, so you can set up reminders for sunrise, sunset, etc.
* Various graphical tweaks and improvements.
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