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Author's NotesUse heroes and magic to conquer the Infinity!


Assemble a collection of great heroes to explore Infinity and conquer new worlds! Summon and train your heroes, craft new equipment, develop your island, join guilds, and defeat enemies in thrilling tactical battles where YOU are in control. Experience an innovative combat system that will keep you and your friends coming back for more.

- Choose between a number of unique heroes, each with their own skills and fighting style: agile assassins, tough tanks, charming healers, and more!
- Summon meteor showers, heal your heroes, and stun opponents with various spells at your disposal!
- Score tons of loot from each battle: gold, materials, elixirs, equipment, fragments, and more!
- Features an immersive world with unique enemies and locations. Explore it with your friends!
- Craft and enhance equipment for your heroes!
- Join a guild of friends or create one yourself!
- Battle a varied lineup of bosses with your guild!

A network connection is required to play this game.

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Summon Age: Heroes APK - v0.28.0

Updated: 2020-11-10

What's new

- Guilds are now leveled up through completing guild quests.
- Improved camera follow during battles.
- Extended info in item tooltips in Shops and Stash.
- Improved game tutorial.
- Fixed an issue where a raid attempt could stop immediately after starting.
- Various balancing improvements and bug fixes.
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0.28.0 (3341)2020-11-10
0.28.0 (3340)2020-11-01
0.27.0 (3291)2020-10-24
0.27.0 (3290)2020-10-20
0.25.0 (3091)2020-04-16
0.25.0 (3090)2020-05-22
0.24.2 (3060)2020-03-19
0.24.2 (3061)2020-03-13
0.24.0 (2930)2020-02-07
0.24.0 (2941)2020-01-31
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