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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesThis app allows riders to track the exact location of a bus in real time.


Summit Stage SmartBus is a real-time GPS bus tracking system.

Summit Stage SmartBus allows riders to track the exact location of a bus in real time for your city. We know how busy your day is. Don't waste a minute of it waiting at a bus stop.

Android app features:
- View buses in real time on the map
- View specific routes and associated stops
- View your current location if GPS is enabled
- View current bus system related announcements such as delays and re-routing
- Made specifically for Android devices, so it's smoother than the DoubleMap bus tracker mobile website


(Please note that searching for "DoubleMap" is more effective than searching for "Double Map".)
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Summit Stage SmartBus APK - vv6.2.5-395-g41b4579-929

Updated: 2020-12-03

What's new

Improvements to Functionality
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v6.2.5-395-g41b4579-929 (2303534)2020-12-03
v6.2.5-10-g3c1a4fa-544 (2303149)2018-07-17
v6.2.1-400 (2303005)2016-10-24
5.27 (2202527)2016-05-06