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Author's NotesA puzzle game that never gets old, Sudoku has stood the test of time and still proves to be one...


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A puzzle game that never gets old, Sudoku has stood the test of time and still proves to be one of the best brain-train games suitable for a wide variety of users. Set with a refreshing theme of nature, it can be played anytime, anywhere and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE to download and play.

Extremely user friendly to new players and with our extensive visual tutorial anybody can start playing our game. Whether you are a student or that guy who hangs out with his “bros” at the gym or even someone who works in a multi-million dollar company, you NEED to exercise your brain outside of your daily work to stay sharp to stay ahead. The more you play, the faster you get and you will see the difference in your daily work mainly, in your problem-solving skills. For professional sudoku players, we would love if you try it out, we assure you, you will find it refreshing and brain-teaser but most of all, you have something new to beat!!!

Download it for free and share your experience with your friends for free. We at BlackBambooz Studio hope you have fun with our game. Available for all Android devices (mobiles and tablets).

Features -

- Two different modes - ‘Classic’ and ‘Diagonal’.
- Clear differentiation from given numbers and the inputs you enter.
- Once you enter a number, all the same numbers in the board are highlighted.
- ‘Pen-mode’ and ‘pencil-mode’. In pencil mode you can enter temporary numbers (1-9) within each cell to make notes of the numbers you have entered to help understand and solve the board.
- While in pen-mode, the ‘mistake counter’ will be active and keeps track of the errors you might make, which can help to sharpen your skills in solving the boards.
- A timer to help you keep track of your speed.
- Hints to help you solve the puzzle.
- Erasing previously entered values both in ‘pen-mode’ and ‘pencil-mode’.
- Track your personal stats.
- Five different levels of difficulty including easy, medium, hard, advanced and expert.
- Board reset.
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Sudoku Unlimited APK - v1.0

Updated: 2016-01-12


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