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Sublime is a FREE app that helps you develop breathing awareness, mindfulness and bliss, with a series of guided meditation and relaxation meditation mindfulness exercises.

A unique fusion of the latest scientific happiness research combined with direction from the ancient original source of the current wave of mindfulness apps and practices, Sublime will first help you develop normal healthy breathing patterns, then take you on a guided meditation journey through the Four Foundations of mindfulness.

Next, the app helps you remove and overcome the five obstacles that hinder your enjoyment of everyday life, creating a state of abiding inner peace, from which one builds the transcendent ecstasy, pleasure and bliss of First Jhana.

Indeed ultimately, no-one can be told what the blissful rapture of First Jhana is like. To find out, you'll have to experience it for yourself.

You won't find Jhana meditation exercises in any other app; indeed with fewer than a handful of Jhana meditation teachers active in the western hemisphere, these sublime states of bliss are in danger of becoming a lost art.

So, if you could use some more Happy in your life, then try Sublime for FREE - you might like it. Today really could be the dawn of a new, happier you.

The introductory sessions are provided free of charge so you can try Sublime and find out whether it is right for you cost-free. Thereafter there is a small pay-as-you-go charge as you progress through the subsequent lessons.

Jhana meditation is part of the tradition of samatha, meaning calm, tranquility or relaxation. You will find the guided meditations excellent for relaxation meditation purposes.

To be mindful, Sublime takes you through the four pre-classical foundations of mindfulness.

The First Foundation is mindfulness of body. Get in touch with your body with the body sweep guided meditations contained within the app, then fill your body with joy and pleasure in First Jhana. As part of the meditation you will find that each part of the body, and the whole body becomes calm. Many users find the First Foundation of mindfulness meditation helpful for relaxation and going to sleep at night too.

The Second Foundation is mindfulness of sensation. This is the level of reality at which experiences are felt. Get in touch with the now; be mindful, and strengthen your perception of what is pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. The key to unlocking a happier life is noticing what makes you happy and what does not; the guided meditation mindfulness exercises will help.

The Third Foundation is mindfulness of state of mind. This is overall state of mind, or emotional state. The app will help you develop a wide vocabulary of mental states. When one is being mindful of state of mind, then one can start to see how your daily experiences, and how you react to them, contribute to it. From there one can start to unwind.

The Fourth Foundation is mindfulness of thought. As your discernment and mindfulness skill increases through mindfulness exercise, you start to see how it is less what happens to you, and more what you think about what happens, that determines your happiness. From here one can start to discard unhelpful thoughts, purely on the grounds that they are unhelpful.

The Five Hindrances are greed, anger & ill will, lethargy, anxiety & worry, and uncertainty and doubt. All unpleasant states of mind are compounds of these basic five. The app teaches you to counter these, one by one, to leave your mind free from hindrances. Your mindfulness exercises then allow you to note the arising of each in daily life. When swiftly countered with the ways the guided meditation will show you, you can experience release from these at any time.

With an unhindered mind our guided meditations then build the transcendent bliss of First Jhana, to make you feel, in a word, Sublime.
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Sublime Bliss Meditation: Mindfulness Exercises APK - v1.2i

Updated: 2018-07-18

What's new

You can now Read instead of Listen to the Inform and Insight sessions, as you prefer, to better suit your personal learning style.
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