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OS RequireAndroid 7.x - Nougat
Author's NotesEnjoy intense & hardcore gunfights with Stick Figures enemies!


Join the hot, fast-paced Stick Figure's gunfight!

Fight against enemy Stickmen armed with various weapons, and claim the victory!
Buy new guns, customize them, learn new skills, and raise the level of the Perks to enhance your combat abilities!
Avoid enemy attacks through quick judgment and response, and defeat all enemies to win the battle!
Improve your Stickman and challenge harder difficulty!

Recent Update:
● New Game Mode: Wave Defense / Train Assault Z / Front Line Z / Wave Defense Z
● New 31 Weapons Added!
● New Grenades: Stun Grenade / Front Trip Mine
● New Perks: Marksman / Combat Sniper
● New Skills: 4 Guerilla Skills
● Added Joystick Crouch and Joystick Fire Control

Game Content:
● Easy Control: Avoid enemy attacks and shoot them!
● Unique and powerful Perks: The Gunslinger, specialized in Pistols and Revolvers, with fast reloading speed with high damage capacity, The Juggernaut, holds out under enemy attacks with high physical strength and defense abilities, The Rifleman, specialized in Assault Rifles, a powerful all-rounder weapon, The Shotgunner, very powerful at close range combats, And the Assault Recon, specialized in avoiding enemy attacks and combat with SMG. The Machine Gunner specialized with keep firing with LMG, The Specialist, the perk with various combat bonuses, the Demolition, very powerful perk specialized using Explosive Weapons that can destroy obstacles and vehicles very quickly, the Marksman, specialized with DMR, rapidly neutralize multiple long-range targets, the Combat Sniper, super-powerful long-range damage output!
● Over 150 Unique Weapons: Automatic Pistols, Machine Pistols, Submachinegun, Assault Rifle, DMR, Light-machinegun, Shotguns, and now Grenade/Rocket Launchers!
● More than 36 unique and useful skills: Physical Skills makes your character stronger, Combat Skills that enhance your combat capabilities, Defense Skills that enhance your ability to survive, Luck Skills that provide various bonuses, And Avoidance Skills that reduce damage income by avoiding enemy attacks!
● Is your character boring without personality? Decorate your character with a variety of Hats and Back cosmetics!
● Various Game Modes: Bodycount, Gun Game, Onslaught, Zombie Invasion, and more...!
● Global Leaderboard: Challenge your score with people in the world!
● Continuous Updates: New Weapons and Perks, Skills, and Game Modes!
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Stick Warfare: Blood Strike APK - v5.1.2

Updated: 2020-10-24

What's new

- New Game Modes: Train Assault Z / Front Line Z / Wave Defense Z
- Categorized Game Modes
- Added Various Fire Controls: Two Buttons / Single Button / Joystick
- Added Joystick Crouch Support
- Added customizing layout support for Weapon Switch Button
- Added new Cosmetic Items
- Rebalanced Difficulties
- Improved Game Performance
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5.1.2 (57)2020-10-24
5.1.0 (55)2020-10-18
5.0.11 (54)2020-10-13
5.0.8 (51)2020-10-10
5.0.7 (50)2020-10-04
5.0.5 (48)2020-10-03
5.0.3 (46)2020-09-29
5.0.0 (43)2020-09-20
4.4.6 (42)2020-09-12
4.4.5 (41)2020-09-05
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