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Pedometer & Step Counter is a walking app that accurately count steps and as a walking tracker & step tracker APP, Step Counter - Pedometer free to track walking steps and walkmeter. With the built-in sensor, no GPS track steps app, the walking app with step walk tracker will greatly save battery and be more accurate to count steps, track steps and record walking steps, distance and time, etc. Our pedometer step counter - walking tracker would like to be your personal steps app & walking app, which will accompany with you wherever you are.

Walking steps is a easy way to burn your calories and get rid of extra fat. Our Step counter - Pedometer free with super walking tracker would like to help you track walking steps, burned calories and your weight loss progress. Using walking step tracker in our Steps app to walk around, you will fast and accurately know your walking steps through the step tracker reported, generated according to pedometer step counter in the pedometer step counter - walk tracker (the walking app). Keep walking and burning calories, The Walking app: Pedometer & Step Counter free would like to count steps and track steps wherever you go.

To burn calories and lose weight, walking steps is easy to do and insist. With the help of our walking steps app: Pedometer & Step Counter free, you could directly see the number of your walking steps calculated by walk step tracker in our steps walking app: Pedometer step counter - walking tracker show in step tracker report in walking app, and you can also track your calories burned and weigh loss progress with our Pedometer - Step Counter & Tracker (steps app). We strive to produce such a nice walking app with Pedometer, Step Counter, walking tracker, step tracker for our dear users.

Pedometer & Step Counter free - walk tracker in daily walking (The pedometer walking app) with walking tracker wish to help users. We try to bring the most accurate walking app offer most accurate step counter & Pedometer free with walking tracker to you. Install the walking apps & steps app now! Use Step Counter - Pedometer free with walking tracker to create a good living routine. Share your step tracker report and the walking steps app: step counter & Pedometer free - walking tracker with your friends to walk together every day.

Battery Saved
This walking app uses built-in sensor. Different from GPS tracking, the walk tracker in steps app with built-in sensor greatly save battery. It is a super pedometer with walk tracker that barely consumes battery power.

Report Graphs
The walking tracker not only track steps, walkmeter, distance, time, calories, but also record the progress of your weigh loss. All above will be clearly displayed in walk tracker graphs, showing in the walk tracker reports generated in the walking app.

When using the steps app: Step Counter - Pedometer free, you don’t need to tap any button. As you open the steps app, it will start work in auto. Wherever your phone are, it can auto-record your steps even your screen is locked.

Pedometer & Step Counter with walk tracker, the walking app can be used on anywhere, you can use pedometer step counter with walking tracker to track and be conscious of your daily walking data anytime and anywhere. Through the related step tracker reports generated, you can view graphs displaying the number of steps, calories burned, time, walkmeter distance by touching on each pages respectively. For a precise number of calories burned, you will need to enter your height and weight values.

Thank you for choosing our walking app, Step Counter - Pedometer free (walk tracker & step tracker): The most accurate walking tracker and step tracker! Walking with pedometer step counter - walking tracker & step tracker, a easy way to burn your calories and get rid of extra fat for a perfect health! Download the smart walking app: Step Counter - Pedometer free. Let’s start walking!!!
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Step Counter - Pedometer free APK - v1.1.8

Updated: 2019-12-26

What's new

Fix bugs.
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