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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesInfinite stairs jump, avoid ☠️ traps, monsters, climb cemetery, temple & volcano


Stairs Game🏃🏃🏃 is one of the most fun endless runner climber games! Players join Speed Tony and his heroic friends on a mission to climb, get coins📀📀📀 and save themselves! Playing this new action game will make anyone feel like a real superhero🦸‍♂️ or a superwoman 🦸‍♀️!
This is a really addictive stairs game or climber game 😵😵😵! You won't be disappointed. We really hope to reach millions of you, players. We know there is so much work to make it a better game. We are already enhancing features, characters with many customizations, scenarios, ecc...
From the beginning Speed Tony has to climb the stairs but he must move very quickly otherwise timer will end and he will die. Use the right button to move and the left button when it is time to turn. 😨😨😨Pay attention, some traps are randomly on his path, so use the central button to jump and avoid it. Find and catch shields defenders, they will protect you from traps but not from mistakes in turning or moving.

- just 3 simple controls: climb, turn and jump
- instead of the usual 2 buttons, now you a have a third option, the jump button, this is a great new feature in the genre

Do you think running up endless stairs is easy? Jump and Climb it's a great challenge: the stairs are infinite and never end! Let's see how far you can get! Tap the climb button to hop up and remember you have to turn on time or you will fall down! How high can you climb? You must be a climber and a smart jumper at the same time! Remember these stairs are full of nightmare monsters and creatures, in an old cemetery or in the dark of a dungeon, or in a Maya temple, or in a crypt, or ....why don't you ask for specific scenarios? The game is a rush, a tsunami for your fingers and eyes climbing the stairs. It will be your best choice among climbing games.
Collect as much coins as possible to unlock other different scenarios and characters!
Smash your own record! How? There is only one way: go faster and faster, but don't forget: lot of traps are on the steps!

WHY YOU WILL LOVE Infinite Horror Stairs:
- Innovative game mechanics compared to similar games
- Nice graphics
- Simple user interface
- Intuitive controls
- Endless stairs, the sky is the limit
- Different scenarios

Will you be able to manage the new JUMP option and set the new record? More new features in the road map.....stay tuned!
The game contains some inapp purchases to unlock different scenarios. There is also video rewarding to survive just once in a game play, otherwise it would be too simple! Share your best results on the official Leaderboard and try to climb the general ranking too! Discover our community here: Be one of us playing Stairs Game
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Stairs Game: jump & climb, stairs running app APK - v1

Updated: 2020-10-22

What's new

shield fix, new double coins button and new connection to our games
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