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SPOTIO is a mobile-first solution for outside sales teams to eliminate guesswork, and focus on the highest impact activity in the field. The platform provides outside sales teams with the visibility they’ve been missing to increase sales performance and improve team productivity.

Integrate SPOTIO with your CRM and provide your outside sales team with a mobile solution that works the way they do. Capture critical sales activity data and send it back into your system of record as it gathers business insights to enable your sales team to work smarter in the field.

Intelligent pipeline generation: On-demand prospect data to keep your pipeline full
Calendar management: Intuitively set, manage, & update appointments in the field
Filter prospects by attributes that matter most to your business so time is spent with the best prospect

Capture critical sales activity and get clear visibility on what’s happening in the field
Close business on the spot with in-app e-contracts
Field data entry: See a full history of every account in real-time

Executive insights: robust field specific analytics and reporting capabilities (best times to prospect, number of meetings it takes to close, etc.)
Sales leaderboard: Measure performance of individual sales reps, teams, or your entire field sales organization
Sales rep accountability with real-time location verification

Robust territory management designed to fit your business (by zip code, by hand)
Territory permissions so they right roles see the right information
Optimize sales routes for maximum time efficiency

Why field sales reps love SPOTIO:
Easy to Use - Spotio recognized that it’s data was only valuable if it was used. The platform is designed with a “3-tap” methodology so that most of its key features can be achieved in 3 taps.

It Just Works! - SPOTIO increases field sales rep productivity by 46% and reduces turnover by 14%

Reps can optimize their routes in the fields to make the best use of their time

Fill Your Pipeline - Access targeted leads in your area

Why field sales managers love SPOTIO:
Real Time Visibility - See what your team is doing in real time
The Metrics that Matter - understand where you need to increase training and effort to get better results
Market Penetration - fully saturate your market with smart territory management
Shorten Sales Cycles - easily work with your team to move deals through the pipeline faster
Reduce Turnover - good reps stay when they are enabled with the tools they need to be successful

**NOTE - You do not have to have a CRM as SPOTIO can operate as a standalone solution**
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SPOTIO | #1 Field Sales App APK - v2.2.2

Updated: 2020-08-23

What's new

We’ve added in Lead Link functionality that allows Deep Links to web and native apps for mobile users. Lead Links allows GET Header Requests for session IDs and to improve ease of transition to other apps and improve productivity for Sales Reps in the field.
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