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Author's NotesEnjoy the best sports games!


Put your kicks on! Prepare to run, sweat, and SLAP YOUR OPPONENTS TO THE GROUND!

Sports are good for you, but are you good for sports? Show us your wits, agility and skills, show us the champion you are, show us the fire you have inside!


-Sleeping duck in a minigolf hole?
-Cool minigolf
-Tricky penalty Shots
-Bad Bobs!
-Punk Bobs!
-Slap competition
-Rollerblading in the streets
-Crazy basketball
-Awesome Volley Kick

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Sports Games 3D APK - v0.7.4

Updated: 2020-10-11

What's new

Thanks for playing our new Sports Game!
Bug Fixes and Improvements!
New Strong Man Pose Levels!
New Slap to Win Levels!
New GO-Karts Flamingo Levels!
New Free Kick Levels!
New Slam Dunk Pool Levels!
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