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DigiHUD Speedometer

Free GPS digital speedometer with head-up display (HUD) for phone or tablet.

Widgets for Torque (OBD / Car)

Show OBD 2 and other car data in widgets on your homescreen!

OBDII Trouble Codes

Simple and fast OBDII (EOBD) database with more than 18500 descriptions!

LiveView for Torque (OBD/Car)

A Torque Plugin for the Sony LiveView MN800 'watch' device

Dial Worker -Torque Pro / Lite

Dial Worker With 25 New Dials For Torque Pro / Lite OBD 2 Now you can match your Automobiles Gauges/...
HUD Widgets — Driving widgets with HUD mode

HUD Widgets — Driving widgets with HUD mode

inCarDoc - OBD2 ELM327 Car Scanner

OBD2 ELM327 car scanner and diagnostics: read Check Engine, DTC, economy....

OBDII Trouble Codes Lite

Lite version of car diagnostic code database with more than 18500 descriptions.

HUD Hologram Speedometer

HUD Hologram Speedometer is a simulator of hologram, projects digital speedometer on a car windshield from the phone screen! Laser...

Torque 72 Pack New Editor OBD

72 Gauges and Dials for Torque Lite and Pro with Backgrounds to match. Brand new editor! You can Now Change...

Torque Free 2 Themes OBD 2

2 Free Torque Themes PROGAUGE and SCI FI with DEMO of Dial Editor to change Colors on Dial.. FOR THIS...

SmartWatch for Torque(OBD/Car)

Display gauges from the Torque Pro OBD application on the remote display

Better Dash Torque Plugin

Improve fuel economy. The best way to visualise your driving style.

inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth/WiFi

ELM327 OBD2 car scanner and diagnostics: read Check Engine, DTC, economy....

HUD АнтиРадар (бесплатно)

Radar detector and a digital spydometr Vashem smartphone.

Torque-Line Chart w/ Recording

TORQUE-LINE CHART W/ RECORDING for Torque is a plugin that plots a line chart according to sensor values. The graph...

EconTool for Nissan ELM327

A program to communicate with a gasoline Nissans ECU.

Track Recorder(Torque OBD/Car)

This is a plugin for Torque that allows you to overlay a video with OBD2 sensors

HUD АнтиРадар

Radar detector and digital spydometr smartphone.

Torque Free Precision OBD 2

Free version of Quadhelix's newest theme for Torque -- Precision -- Cut from aircraft aluminum this will make your dash...

Speed Camera & Radar

Speed Camera & Radar provides radar alerts, traffic, and speed limits.

Torque Theme Gold Glass OBD 2

GOLD AND GLASS 4 New Free Torque Themes with Dial Editor Demo to change Colors on Dial. for this to...

2 FREE Torque Themes OBD 2

2 Free Torque Theme PROGAUGE and Sci Fi with Dial Editor to change Colors on Dial.for this to work you...
Garmin Mechanic™

Find out what’s really going on under your hood with Garmin Mechanic.

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