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OS RequireAndroid 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Author's NotesA light-weighted cube timer for Speedcubers or Rubik's cube players.


Speedcubing Timer is a free and light-weighted cube timer. It is a tool that allows you to record your speedcubing times. It is designed based on the feedback gathered from speedcubers.


• FREE cube timer for Speedcubers or Rubik's cube solvers.
• Light-weight – Simple and easy to use. No fanciful user interface.
• Portable – It can be installed in mobile phones or tablets which can be used anytime, anywhere.
• Generates scramble for all official cube puzzles including Clock and Square-1.
• Supports WCA scramble type for 4x4 and 5x5.
• Supports inspection with warning.
• Save all past solves (include scramble and timing).
• Supports sessions.
• Alternate colours in the scramble for easy reading.
• Auto change font size of the scramble depending on the scramble length for easy reading.
• Able to change font size for the scramble (useful for tablet).
• Shows your personal bests, current averages, best averages and lifetime average.
• Display your singles, average of 5, 12 and 50 in line graph.
• Tracks memorize time for blindfold puzzles.
• Able to switch between "Dark" and "Light" themes.
• Able to share solves with friends through social media.
• Able to create custom puzzles using Clone feature.
• Able to change scramble length.
• Able to generate scramble only (timer disabled).
• Able to export solves as CSV file.
• Able to backup and restore database.
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Speedcubing Timer APK - v2.14

Updated: 2017-09-23

What's new

Manage to fix a most frequent crash.
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