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Author's NotesThe smartphone camera for multispectral IR & UV photography.


Our vision has high resolution and a huge dynamic range, but it mixes and poorly distinguishes spectral components. With the SpectraCam app and the camera of your smartphone, find out how we look - our teeth, light-cured fillings, skin, veins and moles in the near infrared and in the near ultraviolet. How insects see flowering plants and see the world. What is the difference between cheese from milk and cheese with the addition of vegetable dyes? How are look banknotes, flowers, camouflage in narrow spectral ranges?

Multi-spectral photo. Take photos at once in three spectral ranges (near infrared, green, near ultraviolet), plus a normal color image.
Multispectral Viewer. View the selected part of the spectrum in real time. Green - the center of the visible spectrum, near infrared, near UV and the usual color image.
Vein viewer. * Use the LedOn / LedOff button to turn on the backlight, set the infrared spectral range (“nearIR” button) and observe the near-surface blood vessels.

Camera. Required for taking photos.
Storage. Required to save photo.

To check the compatibility of your smartphone, you can use RGBCam (free version of SpectraCam).

*: The Vein viewer does not work at all if the veins are hidden by a layer of subcutaneous fat. Usualy, for most people up to 20 years it is insignificant, and the veins are clearly visible in the infrared range on the arms, legs, head. On the neck arteries can also be seen. At age after 40 years, visibility is keep on the biceps, fist and forearm. Fist veins are visible in almost all.
In addition, the hemoglobin level matters, the higher it is, the more contrast the image. Its level depends on gender (higher for men), fitness (endurance sports), degree of fatigue, smoking. An abstract ideal variant is a man of 20-30 years old, who was engaged in cross-country skiing, with a small smoking history.
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