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Author's NotesOnline English speaking app; English speaking practice free of charge


SpeakNative is a free English speaking practice app designed to help you improve English speaking fluency through real conversations with real people. SpeakNative focuses on video messaging and voice/video calls to help you overcome fear and hesitation when you speak English. It is a platform for online English speaking practice free of charge. Practice Makes Perfect! Start by downloading the free app now!

Watch - Practice. It's that simple! And free, too!

SpeakNative is an English speaking app built around a vibrant online community of English learners. Here you can find English speaking partners all over the world. Whenever you have some free time to practice, just join the SpeakNative Practice Now session. You can see who else are also available for conversation at that time. You can evaluate other users' English speaking level by watching their self introduction videos and then decide whom to invite for practice. If your invitation is accepted, you and your English speaking partner will immediately start to practice English speaking online via voice call/video chat. Finding online English speaking partners has never been this easy!

In SpeakNative, you can focus your time and energy on practice, instead of on exchanging WhatsApp numbers / Skype ids, fake profiles, or endless scheduling. If you are looking for a free online English conversation app, please give SpeakNative a try!

To ensure a healthy environment for online English conversation practice, SpeakNative allows you to report any inappropriate behavior or content within the app. You may also block any user from contacting you within the app.

You must be 17 years of age in order to use the SpeakNative app.

Terms of Service:
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SpeakNative - Practice & Learn APK - v0.299.5

Updated: 2021-01-13

What's new

1. Alert user if server clock and phone clock do not match.
2. Fix all known bugs
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