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Author's NotesSleep cycle tracker, snores, music, sleep trends and wake up alarm clock


Sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed with Sound Sleeper, the sleep cycle tracker, and sleep talk recorder!

Sound Sleeper will track your sleep using your smart phone, when you wake up in the morning, you will get detailed reports with sleep time; recorded noises- snores, sleep talks, grindings and ambient noises; sleep phase; movements and much more. Track your sleep and use the data to help you sleep better now!

⭐️ 4 Reasons why you need Sound Sleeper:

✨ 1. We help you fall asleep easier and faster with relaxing sleep music
✨ 2. We keep tracking your sleep pattern during your sleep
✨ 3. Detailed and accurate sleep reports for better understanding of your sleep: deep sleep, light sleep, sleep noises and more.
✨ 4. We wake you up smoothly with no stress

Download Sound Sleep today – wake up easier and fall asleep faster

Key Features

✨ Specially designed sleep music help you fall asleep easier without waking up at midnight
✨ Sleep Records - Detailed sleep statistics and daily sleep graphs: delivers a thorough sleep analysis of your sleep, records your sleep cycle and makes recommendations on what you can do to sleep better. Simply place your device next to your bed and Sound Sleeper will use the microphone to analyze your sleep cycle.
✨ Carefully selected alarm melodies
✨ Sleep notes and sleep factors- see how events such as drinking coffee, stress, working out, or eating late affect your sleep quality
✨Wake up mood - see how sleep affects your wake up mood
✨Sleep data online backup for long term trend: understand how your sleep goes and track your sleep trends
✨ Smart Alarm clock
After a good deep sleep, your body is restored and is ready to function in full. Pleasant alarm melodies wake you up gently, gradually and with no stress. This starts your day with positive emotions and thoughts.

😎 It’s time to sleep better and wake up refreshed! Try Sound Sleeper- the sleep cycle tracker and sleep talk recorder!

📲Working requirement:
- Place your phone next to your bed, on a nightstand table or on the floor with the microphone nearer to your body
- Works better while you’re sleeping alone.
- Keep the phone charged, battery level suggestion: 60%

📬Contact us via for any suggestion or question, we would be more than happy to hear from you.

💖 Have a pleasant sleep tonight!
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Sound Sleeper - Sleep Cycle Tracker, Snores, Music APK - vv1.0.6

Updated: 2020-10-13

What's new

Snore detect Added
Sleep phase detect
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v1.0.6 (20201013)2020-10-13
v1.0.4 (20200924)2020-10-02
v1.0.3 (20200916)2020-09-18
v1.0.2 (20200910)2020-09-12
v1.0.1 (20831)2020-09-03