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Author's NotesPlay the card game Solitaire Family World and create your theme park


The card game Solitaire Family World takes you into a world of fairy tales. Experience fantastic quests. Achieve exclusive rewards in exciting solitaire games. Expand your park with every single chapter. Play solitaire now for free!

🃏 experience countless adventurous quests
🃏 win challenging solitaire games
🃏 design and decorate your theme park
🃏 explore exciting theme worlds
🃏 play Solitaire Family World now for free

An enchanting adventure awaits you!
Who would have thought: You never dreamed to have your own theme park when you woke up this morning.

Since your grandfather put you in charge, you experience exciting adventures whilst designing your theme park according to your expectations and ideas. During all this challenges you are accompanied by a cute Corgi – helping you with words and deeds.

From princess castles to creepy theme worlds
Your tasks are mastering solitaire patiences, collecting precious rewards and putting up decorations as well as buildings which you can upgrade. While doing so you enable all chapters and theme worlds of your park.

Fill your park with life. A wide range of decorations and buildings, funny challenges and many exciting solitaire card games await you.

Collect stars and leaves to enable new topic areas: from far Asia with pagodas and magic dragons to beautific Spooky World – you will face many new adventures in this free solitaire building game.

The solitaire card game Solitaire Family World take you on a magical adventure.

Play Solitaire Family World now and meet your challenges!
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Solitaire Family World APK - v1.9.030

Updated: 2020-04-02

What's new

Heads up! A thief in Solitaire Family World!

To be more precise, a thief goes around in the farm world and there is a great new character. We also made some graphical improvements and added more comfort features.

Experience an exciting thief story and download the update right away!
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1.9.030 (875)2020-04-02
1.8.036 (827)2020-03-20
1.6.055 (655)2020-02-04
1.5.156 (550)2020-01-20
1.5.155 (501)2020-01-11
1.5.151 (495)2019-12-13
1.5.150 (490)2019-12-11
1.5.016 (455)2019-12-04
1.4.042 (421)2019-12-02
1.3.068 (366)2019-11-13
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