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OS Require2.1 and up
Author's NotesThe most realistic Solar System 3D Live Wallpaper on Android


Amazing animated Live 3D Wallpaper showing realistic views of the Sun, planets (+Pluto), asteroids, and moons of our Solar System with a real Milky Way background. Watch the Sun evolve towards a Red Giant and then turn into a White Dwarf with an expanding beautiful Planetary Nebula, use the orientation sensors to look around, enjoy splendid views at Saturn's rings, or fly through the Solar System. The ideal Live Wallpaper for tablets!

Personalize this wallpaper with lots and lots of different options.

This is a Wallpaper and not a normal App! Activate it by pressing the "Menu" button and selecting "Wallpaper" and then "Live wallpapers".

Note: there are compability problems with Android 4.0 and higher. These should be solved for the next version.

Due to the realistic graphics, this is a very memory hungry wallpaper. Before buying, please keep in mind that it might not work on weaker devices.

Solar System 3D Pro provides the following features:
- Select any planet in our Solar System + Pluto
- Watch asteroids zipping by
- Make the Sun evolve to a Red Giant and finally a dying White Dwarf as the battery becomes weaker
- Set the age of the Sun
- Watch spectacular plasma eruptions of the Sun
- Look around by sliding with the finger over the display or by using the orientation sensors
- Automatic camera movement (speed can be set)
- Move from the inner to the outer planets as the battery becomes weaker
- Random change of object every half hour
- Change planet or activate the orientation sensors through double-tap on screen
- Real star background from Milky Way panorama

(Note: For artistic reasons, the objects are not to scale. Also, not all moons are included.)

Copy to SD card enabled.

If you have any suggestions or problems concerning this wallpaper, please contact me at
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What's new

Version 1.34:
- Texture problem for Nexus, HTC Evo and similar devices solved

Version 1.32:
- New: Set ambient lighting on/off

Version 1.31:
- Bug removal: Asteroids are displayed now
- Additional planetary nebula image

Version 1.30:
- New: Complete live cycle of the Sun (Modify age by double-tap on top-right corner of display)
- Nicer display on Tablets (Better resolution of star map)
- Sun turns into a White Dwarf with Planetary Nebula expanding around it
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