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Author's Notes#1 App for Personal Growth, Happiness, Spirituality, Self Help & Self Love


* World’s 1st Heartfulness App ❤️
* Change your life in just 15min / day
* Best app to become your higher self 😇

Do you want to lead a more purposeful, happier life and have healthier relationships? Socreates guides you to understand and remove your self-limiting emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. As you step away from your ego and focus on inner growth, Socreates guides you out of your headspace and into your heartspace

There is no secret to leading a fulfilling life: Ask insightful questions of yourself; Answer from your heart; Let go of old patterns and beliefs; Integrate the better feeling emotions, mindset, actions.

Socreates pairs the Socratic Method of questioning with short, animated insight videos to help you make your most important changes in just 15 min a day. Topics include:
- How to create healthier relationships?
- How to be less judgemental?
- Why do I fear commitment?
- How not to react to situations but create the life I want?
- How to speak up in constructive ways?
- Why do we fight?
- How to stop self-sabotage?
- How to experience unconditional love?
- How to develop my intuition?

Socreates’ Heartfulness Flow practices are 10 minute guided meditations with sound healing and sacred geometry for Self-Love, Self-Care, Stress Relief, Anxiety Relief & Restful Sleep. Topics include:
- Rediscovering Inner Power
- Reigniting Romance
- Reactivating Creativity
- Creating Abundance
- Cutting Cords with Heavy Emotions
- Letting Go of Trauma
- Developing Optimal Health
- Awakening Self-Love
- Reducing Need for External Validation

Also featuring:
- Daily inspiration quotes
- Journal reflections and revisit anytime
- Nudges to incorporate insights during day
- Heartfulness practices tailored to how you want to change
- Interactive Community of Socreaters

Subscription pricing and terms: Freemium includes 6 sessions. Premium is $33.99/year and includes a full 33 session Journey Within.
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Updated: 2021-01-14

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