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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
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⭐ A free application for visitors to any kind of event, simplifying registration, entry to and being controlled during the event. SocialPass users download the app once and can use it at multitude of sites. The app is run in an environment with a high focus on privacy.

SocialPass, generates a user profile (contact information) in a form of an encrypted QR Code. This QR Code is the visitor’s key to identifying himself/herself at the entrance of or within an event, be it small or big, free, not for profit or payable.

⭐ Users can decide to use SocialPass as identification means only. But they can also opt into getting information from the organizers and to take part in marketing activities offering benefits to SocialPass users. SocialPass ID can thus become a digital loyalty card.
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SocialPass APK - v5.0.1

Updated: 2020-08-30

What's new

- New fields introduced, address and date of birth
- New language added Spanish
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5.0.1 (12)2020-08-30
5.0.0 (11)2020-08-23
4.0.2 (10)2020-07-29
4.0 (9)2020-07-16
3.3 (8)2020-07-09
3.0 (5)2020-07-05
2.0 (3)2020-06-05