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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesFree call, cam chat & free messenger apps all in one. Read messages as incognito.


Have one of the most popular messenger applications nowadays ! Use Social Messenger: Free Mobile Calling, Live Chat app to have shortcuts of different messaging apps / free calling app s / social media app s, with using only one light-weight, easy to use free mobile app !

UNSEEN : when you receive a message from one of the supported Chat Apps, it will also be displayed in Unseen. There, you can read it whenever you want, without having any of your friends knowing that you have seen it.

If you Want to read messages but don’t want to reply? Than here is the solution. Social Messenger: Free Mobile Calling, Live Chats App hide read sign from chat apps and user can read messages without appearing online.

Read Your Messages as Unseen
- Hide seen notices and blue ticks for all of your favorite Chat Apps
- Read chat messages invisibly and incognito, without your friends knowing
- Listen your your audio files and preview your photos and videos
- All your favorite Chat messages gathered in one place, where you can finely sort them
- Enable or disable Unseen for your selected Chat Apps only
- Chat heads for quick message overview and multitasking
- Customize your call end screen at the end of the call.
- Wonderfull phone color screen themes.

New sticker packs for your messengers! Share stickers easily!

GIFs : Tons of gifs for your messager fun and sharing to send message.

Lock your secrets in your mobile apps easily!
Do not let others read your messages or sms

Social Messenger: Free Mobile Calling, Live Chats application will enable you to connect to your favorite best messenger app s, for example Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp messenger, Hangouts, Skype, imo and other messenger apps / calling apps !

You will have these features after you install Social Messenger - Free Mobile Calling, Live Chat application:

* Free calls / free sms / free chat apps all-in-one to reach them easily

* Learn which social media network you are using the most

* Learn how many times you used which video chat and lite messenger app

* Learn how many times you used which free calling app

* Light-weight size of app makes you use it anytime with all free messenger lite apps

* Get recommendations to find new cam chat / free calls / live chat / free messaging apps

* You can make random chat

* See the call details on the call end screen

* Great color call screens for your incoming calling and calls

* Team Works apps to stay connected with your team and team members.

*Fast Browsing section for login your favorite messanger app without install.

Important Notice for you Dear User : With this 3rd party application, you can have an easy shortcut app for all your popular free chat apps/ free calling apps / free messaging apps. You can not download messenger apps, for example you can not download Whatsapp messenger app, as it has copyright and we do not have the right to distribute and copy it. Our application is a legal application which has no policy problems. Thank you for understanding us.
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Social Messenger: Free Mobile Calling, Live Chats APK - v9.0

Updated: 2020-09-01

9.0 (92)2020-09-01
9.0 (91)2020-08-10
8.0 (81)2020-06-05
8.0 (83)2020-05-23
6.0 (61)2020-04-06
5.6 (56)2020-02-18
5.5 (55)2019-08-06
4.2 (42)2019-04-24
2.0 (5)2019-01-02
1.0 (1)2017-12-31