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Author's NotesEmpowers your athletes to engage with the Smartabase Human Performance Platform


The Smartabase Athlete app empowers your athletes to easily engage with the Smartabase Human Performance Platform. The app allows for:

• Easy data entry for athletes
• Delivery of insights and feedback to athletes
• Reminders to athletes to enter data
• Sharing of information from coaches to athletes

SMARTABASE is a complete athlete data management platform that can streamline your high-performance model and change the way you do things when it comes to:

• Injury prevention and return to play;
• Maximising performance; and
• Improving communication.

Smartabase is developed by Fusion Sport, a global leader in human performance software. Our customers include national sporting federations, Olympic committees, the military and many of the world’s highest profile sporting teams.

The Smartabase Athlete application is free to all athletes who are part of a client organisations. To use the application, you must have a login to a Smartabase site, provided by your administrator.
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Smartabase Athlete APK - v1.23.4

Updated: 2020-10-16

What's new

The latest update enables Bluetooth device support for all our users and brings bug fixes.

- Support for Bluetooth devices such as thermometers and oximeters
- Splash screen could cause a crash on some older devices. This has been addressed
- Improved user experience when resetting passwords
- Improved support for "View by" and "Enter by" settings
- Fix for a rare crash when saving a form with a hidden table
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements
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1.23.4 (1602627662)2020-10-16
1.23.3 (1602114493)2020-10-08
1.23.2 (1600827181)2020-10-02
1.23.0 (1600681417)2020-09-22
1.22.6 (1597969769)2020-08-31
1.22.5 (1596176112)2020-08-01
1.22.0 (1595304200)2020-07-22
1.21.0 (1592361524)2020-06-23
1.20.0 (1591053699)2020-06-03
1.19.0 (1588157522)2020-04-29
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