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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesTransfer data and files quickly with Smart Switch . Switch data / file to mobile


Utilizing Smart Switch Mobile, on the off chance that you are in a spot where you don't have telephone or system alliance you can without an entirely noteworthy stretch transfer your data to your partners and you can in like way get the data.

Smart Switch Mobile is strengthen transfer data starting with one smart telephone then onto the accompanying, Smart Switch without the need for any contraption, mechanical get together or PC. It has obliging undertakings combine essential and rapid Share any files, Films with any blueprint, Video with ultra HD or 4K, Games and Applications, HD Pictures a simple to utilize a singular tick Dispatcher Report or Recipient Record with android smart telephones or any gadget while being disengaged without the Web. There are no objectives. Send and go anyplace anytime and such files notwithstanding the way that being withdrawn. No Outside HD, SSD, streak drives, USB Association or web required. In seconds you can transfer the data with our simple to utilize application.

Transfer and share a wide extent of Smart Switch files

quickly share and transfer HD pictures, ultra HD accounts, music any structure, games and applications, and files among smartphone and android contraption anywhere and anytime. Share a wide extent of files to your mates in a few minutes seconds with Smart Switch .

Smart Switch : Transfer without the Web

Smart Switch needn't play with any web or data to switch . Share and Transfer files without utilizing structure in any capacity whatsoever. Liberated from create association.

Extra Standard energetic speed On the planet with Smart Switch Mobile

Smart Switch shares files incredibly super-energetic, on different events snappier than Bluetooth. The most significant speed goes up to 100MB/s. you can transfer files without losing any quality.

Smart Switch : Easy to use and Simple to Utilize

it has unnecessarily beautiful, key, great, appealing and easy to use UI or interface. Everything is coordinated into courses of action you can discover without any issue.

Resume contributed Share and transfers with Smart Switch

on the off chance that your share or transfer got contributed taking into account an unforeseen mess up. You can recommence it

with an unassuming tap. No persuading inspiration to begin again or expend your time.

Send epic files without basic considering Smart Switch

Sharing photographs Combinations in exceptional quality, music track, 4k or ultra HD accounts, games applications, files and any other record kinds of incredible chronicle size.

Smart Switch sends or Share GIFs, Emoticon, Settings and Stickers
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Smart Switch Mobile APK - v1

Updated: 2020-08-14


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