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Author's NotesStop losing documents and start getting paid faster. Invoice anywhere, anytime.


Frustrated with paperwork?
Stop wasting time, losing money and making typos. Get paid faster with Smart Invoice. Create, estimate, bill and email invoices to clients all from your phone or tablet.

Invoices for products and services
• Create, estimate, bill and send invoices to clients
• Set payment dates and assign custom Invoice #
• Customize products and services: quantity, rate, and description
Discount per item, percentage or flat amount
• Tax on the total, per item or deducted
• Customize company logo on your invoice
• Attach notes to the bottom of your PDF
• Assign payments to invoices
• Print Invoices and Receipts from anywhere with Google Cloud Printing
Draft an invoice to work on later
Email your invoices
• Create professional PDFs within seconds on your phone
• View and manage your invoice history
• Save PDF copies for future business accounting, expenses and receipts
• Work online or offline
• Amazing invoice app for sending invoices to your customers on the job

Estimates and Quotes
• Smart Invoice is an easily customized estimate app
• Send estimates and quotes to your customers and get more business
• Convert estimates into invoices with one click

Bonus Features
• Save client information and make phone calls within the app
• Send text messages (SMS) from within the app
Share your invoices and estimates as attachments (Supports Whatsapp, Viber, etc.)

• Preset an email to forward all invoices to yourself, accountants or bookkeepers
• Preset bank details to be included in your invoices
• Support for all types of currency
• Support your date format
• Translated in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and French

• Back up your invoices, clients and products at any point in time
• Restore any of your backed up data

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Smart Invoice: Email Invoices APK - v2.20

Updated: 2021-03-10

What's new

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• Critical Bug Fix: Resolved subscriptions that were being automatically cancelled.
• Bug Fix: Signout functions properly now
• Major New Feature: Change Invoice Colors. Go to Settings -> Invoice PDF Color
• Major New Feature: Import Contacts from device. Create a new contact and select the new "Import From Contacts" button.
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2.20 (123)2021-03-10
2.19 (122)2021-02-28
2.18 (121)2020-07-02
2.17 (120)2020-06-22
2.16 (119)2020-06-19
2.15 (118)2020-06-16
2.12 (117)2019-07-22
2.11 (116)2018-11-13
2.10 (115)2018-10-19
2.08 (113)2018-09-16
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