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OS RequireAndroid 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Author's NotesApp for controlling your HDL Buspro system


This is a early version of the app. Please give your feedback if you want to see this app live.

Using this app you can control your HDL Buspro system via the local network or remotely via VPN.

Not implemented yet:
- Support for quite a few HDL products (so give me feedback so that I can implement support for it)
- Short press and long press on buttons (dimming)
- AC and music control for DLPs

Known issue
Momentary buttons on DLPs don't work. It seems to be a lack of the support from the DLP firmware.

Nice to know
To use the app remotely you need to set up VPN and have a device with Android 5 or later (Lollipop+). Remote control via the HDL BUS-Pro IP gateway will not be implemented because of its lack of encryption and proper security.

Please note that I'm developing this app on my spare time, and that I originally created the app just for use in my own house.

Beta testing
If you want to stay one step ahead the rest you can sign up for the beta versions of the app at .

Google Home
Want to control your smart home using voice? Check out how I use Google Home and Google Pixel to control my house: :)
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Smart Home for HDL Buspro APK - v0.7.1

Updated: 2020-01-22

What's new

Version 0.7.1
* Changes due to new Google Play policy.
Version 0.6.9
+ Added support for HDL-MPT4.58 (4 Buttons Touch Panel).
Version 0.6.8
+ Added support for HDL-MPT4-RF.18 (Wireless 4 Buttons Touch Panel).
+ Added support for another variant of SB-CMS-8in1 (8-in-1 sensor).
Version 0.6.7
+ Made is possible to control dimmers directly.
+ Added support for another variant of SB-DN-Logic960 (Logic Module).
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0.7.1 (64)2020-01-22
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