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OS RequireAndroid 4.1.x - Jelly Bean
Author's NotesRelaxing sounds and water animations to de-stress and induce sleep.


Now you can enjoy the wonderful relaxing effects of water. Nothing better than water in nature to get a relaxing time to rest. Choose the moment you prefer and enjoy whenever you want a moment of peace.

We offer up to 4 options to satisfy your wishes:

💧 Rain water in the middle of the forest surrounded by birds with relaxing sounds to enjoy.
💧 River water where you can hear how the water flows between the rocks.
💧Water from a waterfall in the forest, with its ASMR sound you will get to relax to the fullest.
💧Water on wood you can see and hear how the water falls on the wood in a mountain house.

Each sound is accompanied by a moving image in HD that will make you feel even more.

What are you waiting for to enjoy the power antiextres water!
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Relaxing water APK - v1.0.46

Updated: 2020-12-27

What's new

More images and sounds were added.🌲
Improvements design added🌲

Best ASMR sounds and water 🌊 animations for relax 🏞️
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1.0.46 (1000046)2020-12-27
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