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Author's NotesSleep cycle alarm clock is a free Sleep Timer app to Optimize your sleep !


Worried about your Sleep? Bingo! You can now use this Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock - Sleep Tracker & Timer app
Now, it's easy to track your sleep cycle by simply optimizing your sleep patterns with this Sleep Cycle app. To live a healthy life, you need not only god balance diet but with that you also have to focus on your sleeping patterns. Modern day human being is trapped in busy and hectic routine especially white collar job holders. This Sleep Cycle app will help you out to wake up well rested. Sleep cycle app not only helps you out in living a healthy life but also helps you to be more disciplined and punctual. So, you only need to choose a good sleep app, and you are at the right place. There are many sleep tracker apps available but this one is unique because of its features.

New advance research has proved that a normal human being sleeps in different phases and each phase lasts 90 minutes. It's like after every 90 minutes you are in light mode sleep instead of deep sleep and that is only measured by sleep timer. It has now proved that your day time activities more or less influence your sleeping style. No need to set alarm clocks on manual devices but instead monitor on you android mobile. This sleep app has one of the most fabulous features.

Features of Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock - Sleep Tracker & Timer

Sleep Timer: It analyses your light and deep sleep, while the time you spent wakeup at you bed.
Sleep cycle Alarm clock: This app works on tablets and android mobiles, while just placing it by your sleeping pillow.
Sleep Time calculations: It calculate exact time you need to wake up according to your sleeping habits.
Notifications: Pop up notifications appears at what time you need to sleep or wake up
User Friendly Interface: Designed in such a way that primary level student can you this sleep cycle app easily.
Alarm Melodies: Wide range of alarm melodies that sounds pleasant to your ears.
Sleeping Statistics: Sleeping statistics and graphs that help you to analyze your daily routine

Have you ever thought about the way you spend your whole day? your answer might be in yes/no, but one thing is vividly clear enough that your routine from the time you wake up till you sleep has a direct relation with your sleeping patterns. Hectic routines doesn't allow us to focus on our health that why, we recommend you t use sleep tracker. One thing that needs to be considered most importantly is the phase of sleep in which you have to wake up and that can only be tracked by sleep timer.
So, what you are waiting for?
You are just one click away!
Go, ahead and install this Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app without any hesitation and make your life trouble-free.
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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock - Sleep Tracker & Timer APK - v1.6

Updated: 2019-12-26

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