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OS RequireAndroid 7.x - Nougat
Author's NotesFrom the creator of The Annoying Orange... Welcome to the world of Skewerz!


From the creator of The Annoying Orange comes a fresh new twist on snake games. Welcome to the world of Skewerz!

Simply swipe the screen to skewer blueberries, grapes, strawberries and more on your train and return them to the Froomba to score points and see some sweet juicy action! Each fruit has their own set of abilities though. Learn which ones help you and which ones can harm you in various situations to perfect your strategies and advance to the next level.

Multiple game modes will challenge all types of players including standard (obstacle), endless, assassin and unique boss fights along the way!

Skewerz Features

• Over 60 levels across 6 juicy worlds to test your reflexes and skewering strategies

• Learn the abilities of all the fruits that will help (and harm) you along your adventure in the kitchen

• Maneuver through increasingly difficult levels that include unique obstacles that you must use strategies as well as reflexes to conquer (don’t worry, there are Power Fruits to help you along the way!)

• Each world ends in a unique boss fight skewer battle, learn the secret techniques to take down these baddies and advance to the next area

• Play levels multiple times to get perfect star ratings and unlock bonus modes

• Unlock special ‘assassin’ levels where you must maneuver through mazes while avoiding Cucumber Agents to earn Golden Cherries

• Unlock ‘endless’ modes to build massive fruit chains while avoiding obstacles

• Collect Seeds and Golden Cherries to unlock dozens of skins and new Skewerz along the way
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Skewerz APK - v1.0.2

Updated: 2020-06-16

What's new

• The juice meter now holds twice the juice and refills twice as fast
• Removed some obstacles from World 1 to make starting levels a bit easier
• Froomba 2.0 makes it more clear as to the entry / exit points and where the borders will destroy the skewer
• Annoying Orange Mode is now available at the start of the game as opposed to the start of World 2
• Added a 'swipe sensitivity' slider in Settings so players can adjust to their liking on various devices
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1.0.2 (19)2020-06-16
1.0.1 (17)2020-06-09
1.0.0 (14)2020-06-01