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Author's NotesOn site reporting construction site defects, team work on same project.


Construction Inspection app that helps you to log defects/faults. It makes easier to do site audits and prepare inspections report in the quickest possible manner.

Website to manage inspections on desktop browsers with cloud storage :

Note: by default app is configured to add a single image to a snag; but if you want to add multiple images then you can configure it. Please go to the Setting -> Default Values-> then ‘ON’ settings to add multiple images for a snag.

Website and cloud storage:
1. Team work on same project
2. Access the inspection data on desktop browser and prepare reports.
3. Data backup and easy to change on desktop browsers.

Feature List :

👉 Cloud storage and access the same project information on desktop and mobile browser.
👉 Team work on same site and project.
👉 Automatic data synchronization to cloud.
👉 Record defects/faults with photos, annotate the photos by highlighting key points.
👉 Print and share professional PDF reports for each project.
👉Add your company logo, auditor name, and signature.
👉 Customize headings and terminology to match your industry
👉 Report site auditing, snagging, punch list and inspection list for site works.
👉 Simple auditing, Record issues, take photos and share reports quickly and easily
👉 Organize site auditing, snagging, punch lists, a checklist for site works.
👉 This is a business application for conducting Site Audits.
👉 Snag List makes inspecting, auditing and reporting any site quick and easy.

Photo editor for annotation
✓ Modify photos by adding overlays.
✓ Add a note to the photo to point out faults.
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Site Inspection - Cloud storage and team work APK - v1.1

Updated: 2020-09-03

1.1 (2)2020-09-03