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OS RequireAndroid 5.1 - Lollipop
Author's NotesCreate, manage and distribute construction diaries in PDF format


By using “Site Diary” you will be creating site diaries and monthly accounting records which will be stored in a database and can be distributed as PDF data. Worker attendance will be documented in the site diary. You will also be able to enter jobs, agreements, and obstacles. These will be structured per the area involved (area - story - room) and are created from steps taken for work, agreements, and obstacles. This means that you will save yourself a lot of data entry work. You will be able to generate monthly accounting records from all the site diaries which were completed. They will include all activity for the month that was received from all site diaries for all construction sites. If any absences are included, e.g. vacation or holidays, they will be entered under absences and will be included when the monthly accounting record is generated.

The PDF document can be reviewed, and then distributed.

On the Android device as of Android 7.0 Nougat you can drag & drop companies, construction sites, clients, employees and rooms between our apps.

Using the export function, site diaries can be exported as * .XML and imported on another device with the site diary app. All employees, attendances, work steps, types of voting, types of disabilities and rooms as well as the company and construction site are taken over. The data in the XML file is encrypted and can only be read out via the app.

The employees as well as the room book can be imported and exported as * .CSV.

The site diaries can be signed directly in the app by the client.
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Site Diary APK - v3.2

Updated: 2021-01-16

What's new

Adjustments to Android 11
Program optimizations.
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3.2 (1426)2021-01-16
3.1 (1402)2020-03-04
3.0 (1385)2020-02-22
1.7 (1360)2019-09-28
1.1 (1099)2019-03-18
1.0 (1054)2019-03-10