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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesSet Simulated fake Video Call from Santa Claus. Where is Santa Claus? for fun.


Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus to Get a Simulated fake Video call from Santa Claus and give happiness to friends on christmas festival. Surprise all with a call from Santa Claus on this Christmas. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas Santa Claus.

Disclaimer - Santa Claus will never really be calling you. Video call from Santa Claus is only a Simulated pre-recorded video and made for fun only. This is not a real but only an imitation of the call! The app does not bear any harm and is only for fun!

Want to Simulated Call from Santa claus? This is an app for that. Make your Christmas very Special and Get personalized Video Call from Santa Claus for your family. Get a Simulated Video call from Santa for your beloved and get happiness while listening to Santa Claus wishes. Impress and play with your friends by getting fake Santa claus Video Call Simulator.

Have much fun to talk with pre-recorded Santa on the device. Santa Claus Greeting app and find out what you want for this Christmas. you can also Select Santa Clause photo for incoming Caller Screen.

functionality of Simulated Video Call from Santa Claus

Write a Letters to Santa Claus.
Schedule Santa Claus video call & voice call timer feature.
Get a prerecorded video call & voice call from Santa.

Share Santa claus video call Simulator app to your friends & family and let them enjoy. Santa Claus wishing you a Merry Christmas and giving best wishes for a year.

Everyone want to chat with the guy from north pole is Mr Santa Claus. wonderful Christmas season. Recieve Simulated video call from santa Claus and Make family member happy. Surprise your friends with a call from Santa Claus.

In this fake Santa video Call App, Voice Call and Video Call are simulated and pre recorded. Santa will never be calling you in real life. it's only for fun. Since video is prerecorded you can use this as many times as you like and with whomever you like.

"Simulated Video Call from Santa Claus Fake" application is only made for fun. Santa will never be calling you. It will not connect with Santa. In fact we don't have the phone number of real Santa claus. the app is developed for entertain only and you really enjoy this app. this app does not bear any harm to you and is only for fun.
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Simulated Video Call from Santa Claus Fake APK - v1.1

Updated: 2020-12-22

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