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OS RequireAndroid 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
Author's NotesA free, stable tempo metronome with no ads and no permissions!


This application is a simple metronome. It's simple but has a very stable tempo, unlike
some of the other free metronome applications. And unlike nearly all free applications this
metronome has NO ADS so your kids won't be solicited by dating sites whilst practicing
their instrument.

PERMISSIONS NOTE: The only required permission for this app is for Power Management so it can keep the screen on (on user request).

Stable tempo
1st beat accent
Store "Favorites" for quick tempo recall (great for setting tempos for live performances)
Works in background AND simultaneously with other audio applications
Visual click for silent operation

This free application is provided courtesy of
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Simple Metronome APK - v10.10.14

Updated: 2020-09-06

What's new

Update to API level 29, as Google will require this to be done by November.
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10.10.14 (65)2020-09-06
10.10.13 (63)2019-10-28
10.10.12 (62)2019-10-26
10.10.10 (59)2019-01-28
10.10.8 (57)2018-12-01
10.10.7 (56)2018-11-26
10.10.6 (55)2018-11-25
10.10.4 (52)2017-03-20
10.10.3 (51)2016-03-12