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Author's NotesSign Survey - Developed by a Sign Company for Sign Companies


Sign Survey - Developed by a Sign Company for Sign Companies

How much time does your company waste writing up sign surveys?

You drive to the site (or your team do), desperately trying to record neat notes on a pad blowing in the wind. You hope that when you get back to the office, you or your colleague will be able to make sense of your scribbles. You probably then spend half a day trying to type everything out, collate your photos and create something half decent you can show to the customer.

What a huge waste of time and money, not to mention risk of misinterpreted data.

We’ve created an app that will save that time and create a detailed, well presented, customised report that you can email the customer while still at the job site.

Create professional PDF site survey report while still at the site
Customise the report
Print from your phone or tablet
Email from your phone or tablet
Create a customised list of materials
Create customised questions with answer options
Add audio notes if you’re in a rush
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Sign Survey APK - v1.1

Updated: 2019-04-02

1.1 (2)2019-04-02