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Author's NotesCoastal navigation visual assistant with augmented reality


Digital nautical guide with Augmented Reality to locate you at sea, explore the coast safely and discover points of interest.

Shoreview is the digital nautical guide with Augmented Reality to locate you at sea, explore the coast safely and discover points of interest.

It is the perfect visual assistant for coastal navigation for recent PER or PNB graduates, non-professional skippers and sailors with their own or rented boat.

Download ShoreView now for free to explore, discover and navigate the shoreline with Augmented Reality.

And enjoy the Spanish Mediterranean coast and the Balearic Islands as you have never imagined before!

Is it difficult for you to recognize destinations in the profile of the coast?
ShoreView makes it easy for you: press and holds on the map to mark a specific destination that you want to identify and lift your mobile to be able to locate it on the coastline with your own eyes. ShoreView helps you find the concordance between the 2D map and what you are really seeing and in front of you.

Do you want to know what the coast you are sailing on can offer you?
Very simple! Point your device at the coastal area where you are and ShoreView will provide you with tagged, real-time information about that area in question, helping you locate yourself at sea.

With ShoreView you can:

- Know the position and heading your boat.
- Centre your position on the map.
- Mark a point by holding down your finger on the map, to later be able to locate it with your real vision.
- Make "check" with your camera viewfinder to locate the point you have selected in your real vision.
- Anchor a point on the map so as not to lose sight of it in your augmented reality.
- Unpin a point to continue exploring other possible destinations.
- Click on an Augmented Reality label to know its position and distance.
- Know the position of the different points of interest on the map knowing their distance and bearing from your position.
- Lock the map both horizontally and vertically.
- Explore by zooming in on the map to find those reference points of interest in the form of icons that help you locate yourself in the sea.
- Click on the different icons that appear on the map to know their name, distance and bearing.
- Enjoy all the functionalities in night mode / reduced visibility.
- Visualize with Augmented Reality the toponymy of the area; its distance and heading.
- Scan the coast you are pointing at and obtain information in real-time of what you are seeing and what you have in front of you but that is difficult for you to recognize.
- Use a compass/bearing compass.

Welcome to boating with Augmented Reality!
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ShoreView APK - v1.0.5

Updated: 2020-09-11

What's new

- Landscape orientation only
- Login bug fixed
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