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OS RequireAndroid 4.4 - KitKat
Author's NotesSimple application to record expenses and know our balance.


Shopping Expenses is a multi-platform application, designed to manage the expenses of your projects, it is free but you can get your maximum potential by purchasing the monthly plan.

* Create work or personal projects.
* Each project can have an initial balance, a balance will indicate how much money you have left.
* Create reports to know which category has been spent more.
* Share your projects with up to 5 users (monthly plan)
* Synchronization in real time (monthly plan).
* Available on the main platforms (web version only on a monthly plan).
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Shopping Expenses APK - v1.419.G

Updated: 2020-11-19

What's new

Version 1.4.17
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1.419.G (59)2020-11-19
1.418.G (58)2020-10-26
1.4.17.G (57)2020-10-15
1.4.13.G (53)2020-08-08
1.4.12.G (52)2020-06-30
1.4.11.G (51)2020-06-19
1.4.9.G (49)2020-06-16
1.4.8.G (48)2020-06-14
1.4.7.G (47)2020-06-01
1.4.5.G (45)2020-05-23
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