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Author's NotesShip control and mooring simulator


Original simulator of ship-handling, maneuvering and mooring to a pier with tugboats.

*Game features*
Realistic control of large cruise liners, cargo ships, warships, including aircraft carrier.
Single and multi-screw vessels with separate propeller control (including Titanic and Mauretania) or azimuth propulsion.
Maneuvering with thrusters.
Mooring the vessel to the berth using two tugboats with separate control.
Departure from ports to target area.
Narrow-swimming, bypass of hazards, passing with other AI vessels.
Different environment and weather conditions.
Sea marks of hazards and channels.
Damage and sinking of ships at collisions.
A large number of levels with a gradual increase in difficulty.
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Ship Mooring 3D APK - v1.15

Updated: 2020-09-12

What's new

2 new ships of early 20th century:
- RMS Mauretania - 4-screws ship, which captured Blue Riband for 20 years!
- Twin screws Passenger ship.
New game mode - departure from port to target area.
Well extended use of other moved ships with AI:
- more levels with AI ships, arriving or departing;
- more AI ship types;
- ability to select static or moved AI ships in sandbox mode.
Free 3D ship view control, above and under water.
Ability to play locked ships by watch rewarded ads video.
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1.15 (17)2020-09-12
1.14 (16)2020-08-05
1.13 (15)2020-06-02
1.12 (14)2020-03-12
1.11 (13)2020-02-08
1.1 (12)2020-01-04
1.08 (11)2019-10-28
1.07 (10)2019-09-03
1.06 (9)2019-08-16
1.05 (8)2019-07-28
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