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Author's NotesCreate your very own K-pop style mini-mes and stories!


Your very own K-pop style world!
Do you want to do more than just watch K-dramas and K-pop? Well, look no more!
Create your very own K-pop style mini-mes and stories!

◆ Create a K-pop Style Mini-Me
First, create your very own avatar!
You can use a variety of items to create a mini-me that looks just like you!

◆ Dress in K-pop Style
Have you ever wanted to wear K-pop style clothing?
Then this is your dream come true! Dress your mini-me in various items!

◆ Appear in Iconic K-Animation Scenes
Do you want to know what it feels like to be the main character in an animation?
High quality iconic animation scenes are continuously updated!

◆ Produce Your Own Story
What would it be like to create your mini-me, dress it up, and play out an animation scene?
Create your own story using various webtoon frames and speech bubble stickers and find out!

▶ Access Permissions
The app requires access permissions to provide the services listed below.
[Required Permissions]
- Storage: Permission is required for ShinVatar to save pictures to your device.
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ShinVatar : K-pop style mini-me APK - v1.4.3

Updated: 2020-10-16

What's new

Character items and story items have been updated. Create yourself in Special K-style!
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1.4.3 (44)2020-10-16
1.3.0 (38)2020-10-02
1.2.7 (36)2020-09-19
1.2.6 (35)2020-09-16
1.2.4 (33)2020-09-01
1.2.2 (31)2020-08-30
1.2.1 (30)2020-08-20
1.1.1 (18)2020-07-15
1.0.7 (7)2020-06-09