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OS RequireAndroid 5.0 - Lollipop
Author's NotesPlay as angry shepherd dog! save farm animals & crops from wild beasts attack


If you love dog simulator games or dog family game then this Shepherd Dog Simulator: Wild Animal Survival Games is for you. In dog games and best of dog fighting games you have to be a trained German shepherd dog and help your master in farm and around the crops. Dog survival simulator is all about dog fighting, dog family and dog simulator games with German shepherd dog fight game. Dog games adventure and dog attack games where wild dog from wild animal fighting games find new partner dog to make dog family with dog family games by performing dog family survival activities with a lot of fun and excitement in this dog sim with the best of dog games.

Open World Dog Survival & Dog Fighting Games:
In this wild dog simulator you have to protect your master, his farm animals and crops against wild animals like cougar, jaguar, tiger and crocodile with dog vs dog fight games. With dog hunting games, herd sheep, chickens and other farm animals from crops and take them to the farm carefully like real German shepherd dog. Guarding the sheep made easy. Keep sheeps to area that is secure, and near your livestock farm. Don’t let them go stray, wolf are out there watching for them to eat. This herding simulator with dogs is so east to learn how people in sheep country do with their lovely dogs. Herd the cows, little calf and flock of sheep take them to the grazing ground. Fight with wolf and tiger and save farm animals and be an angry dog fighting in dog simulator games. Attack like a real angry dog with wild dog sim in wild forest with this dog family sim game.

Fight Missions against Wild Animals in Dog Simulator:
In this dog survival simulator family and angry dog attack you have to brutal fighting against big wild animals and save your farm animals with dog games fighting. You must have played many dog vs dog fight games but this fusion of dog fighting games has flavors added of wild animal family simulator and farm dog sim. Other than dog training game this German shepherd dog game is different because of its dog vs tiger fighting missions. You can perform a variety of tasks, some of them are dangerous and will require angry dog attack skills, while others will let you relax and just have fun. Explore fields, forest, mountains, farm and villages. In dog hunting games, you can go wherever you want as wild dog in this wild animal simulator.

Top Features in Shepherd Dog Simulator: Wild Animal Survival Games

✓ Big open world farm & village area for survival, fight, hunting and explore.
✓ Herd sheep, goats and horses.
✓ Fight with tiger, jaguar and other wild animals & rescue farm animals.
✓ Impress mate from loud barking in dog family sim.
✓ Take care of crops & don’t let the animals in the field.
✓ Thrilling dog survival, dog hunting and dog attack simulation action game.
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Shepherd Dog Simulator: Wild Animal Survival Games APK - v0.1

Updated: 2020-12-19

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