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Author's NotesFull Quran Audio Recited By Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais.


This is a Free Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Holy Quran. With this App, you can listen to your Quran recited by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais Quran Full version. And also include Holy Quran Text in Arabic for you to read. Download this free app and you can have the Holy Quran Arabic sound by Abdul Rahman Al Sudais with you all the time.


☆Complete with all the 114 Surahs of Quran within order and proper settings, aseen, Azan, Ayatul Kursi, etc.
☆Clear Arabic text of the Quran makes you able to read and recite the correct pronunciation of Quran.
☆Audio recitation of each chapter and verse to facilitate the Muslims around the world.
☆Al Quran audio playlist that let you listen to all surahs continuously.
☆Easy go to option for access to any Surah of Quran or Ayat of Quran.
☆ Background player function: listening while screen off
☆For a comfortable reading, choose between day and night mode.
☆Change of font size for user visibility.
☆ Share from App
☆ 100% Free

May Allah bless our prophet, the last messenger of Almighty Allah. Through him Allah protected humanity from ignorance to knowledge , darkness to light and savagery to humanity.

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Brief About Reciter:

AbdurRahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais (Arabic: عبد الرحمن السديس‎ (ʻAbd ar-Rahman ibn ʻAbd al-Aziz as-Sudais Hanbali), born 1960 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) is the imam of the Grand mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, a renowned qāriʾ (reciter of the Qur'an), and was the Dubai International Holy Qur'an Award’s "Islamic Personality Of the Year" in 2005.

His Life and Career:
He comes from the Anza clan, and he had memorized the Quran by the age of 12.Growing up in Riyadh, he studied at the Al Muthana Bin Harith Elementary School, and afterwards the Riyadh Scientific Institution from which he graduated in 1979 with a grade of excellent. He obtained a degree in Sharia from Riyadh University in 1983, his Master's in Islamic fundamentals from the Sharia College of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in 1987 and received his Ph.D. in Islamic Sharia from Umm al-Qura University in 1995 while working there as an assistant professor after serving at Riyadh University.
He took up his imamate in 1984, at just 22-years of age, and conducted his first sermon at the Grand Mosque in Mecca in July 1984, other than this Sheikh Saud Al-Shuraim - has been his partner in Taraweeh Prayers from 1991 till 2006, and again in 2014.
In 2005, he was named by the Dubai International Holy Quran Award (DIHQA) Organising Committee as its 9th annual "Islamic Personality Of the Year" in recognition of his devotion to the Quran and Islam. When accepting his award in Dubai, he said: "The message of Islam and Muslims is modesty, fairness, security, stability, sympathy, harmony and kindness."

From 2010 to 2012 he visited India, Pakistan, Malaysia and Britain. Among his activities has been hosting a seminar at the Higher Institute for Advanced Islamic Studies in Malaysia in 2011, where he spoke about Islamic civilization against the backdrop of modern challenges.

Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais was appointed head of the "Presidency for the Two Holy Mosques at the rank of minister" by royal decree on 8 May 2012. Reference (Wikipedia).
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