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Author's NotesSend and receive money instantly, without commissions and abroad. Easy and safe.


Are you looking for a way to share expenses with your friends by eliminating unnecessary paperwork? Welcome to Shasta App, a mobile app based on our payment platform, which will allow you to send, request and receive money easily and 100% securely. Make immediate and free transfers to your phone contacts who have the App, or send, request and receive money by QR or bank transfer to anyone you want, without limits. Sending or receiving money has never been so easy!

Shasta App operates worldwide, especially in Spain and Venezuela, with currency exchange. Therefore, with Shasta App you will be able to open an account for foreigners that will allow you to save on unnecessary fees for sending and transferring money. You will be able to withdraw and transfer money to friends abroad as well as share expenses, send and receive payments, request money instantly and internationally, or withdraw money worldwide.

In addition... the Shasta Card has arrived! A commission-free bank card that allows you to process your money movements electronically and with zero complications. Start using the money you have on Shasta in the real world and in any type of business, without commissions and in any currency with Shasta Card. Move around any country and pay in shops or withdraw money from ATMs and cash machines without worrying!

Shasta qualities:

- Easy: Send or request money, it will cost you less than writing on WhatsApp.

- Secure: Don't worry about the security of your transactions, in Shasta App we have 256-bit encryption, the Fort Knox of encryption.

- Free and Immediate: Shasta App allows you to make payments and transactions between your contacts quickly, efficiently, and without commissions.

What advantages do you get with Shasta?

- Feel 100% secure: Shasta offers total security for all your movements, as it is a legal entity with permission to carry out any type of payment between mobiles, and offers money transfer services with the use of banking-level security systems.

- To send money to anyone you want, from your mobile phone: With Shasta you will discover the easiest way to pay, request, lend or collect money from your contacts, family and acquaintances via your mobile phone and completely online. To do so, you will only have to follow 3 simple steps: Choose the amount you want to send, to which contact this amount will be sent and the concept of the amount, et voilà! Sending money couldn't be easier.

- Whatever bank you are from: Don't worry, with Shasta you can save yourself all sorts of problems. Send and request money without any kind of commission.

- Total control: With just one click, you can control all your incoming and outgoing transactions.

"Shasta is a simple application. Just download the application and enter a digital regulated financial system with which you can move anywhere in the world"
- Alex Sicart, co-founder of Shasta.

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Send, receive and request money, anywhere in the world and 100% securely with our App, and control your personal finances and savings projects easily, quickly and for free.

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Shasta - Your money unlimited APK - v3.0.48

Updated: 2021-03-01

What's new

Back to school!
Yes, we know, summer is over, September is coming, the cold is approaching and the days are shorter. In Shasta we have been improving a few things, do you want to discover them? Go ahead and update!
We have improved stability, performance and safety.
In addition, we have changed some visual aspects of the App.
We have extended the card charge limit.
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3.0.48 (300398)2021-03-01
3.0.46 (300380)2021-02-10
3.0.45 (300378)2021-01-25
3.0.43 (300357)2020-12-20
3.0.42 (300352)2020-12-08
3.0.41 (300349)2020-11-27
3.0.40 (300345)2020-11-18
3.0.38 (300336)2020-11-03
3.0.37 (300334)2020-10-31
3.0.36 (300331)2020-10-21
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