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Author's NotesKeep your shared flat clean without quarrel with this easy to use app!


Are you tired of arguing about who cleans what in your flat? Are you frustated, that some seem to do everything, while other flatmates just lazily sit in the couch?

Try this wonderful app with a fair system to distribute the different cleaning tasks!

Our point system allows for a very flexible and fair distribution of the chores.

You can define cleaning and other chores and assign them their required time. For every 10 Minutes of work one point is rewarded. Extra points can be added, if everyone agrees, that a task is particularly nasty (e.g. cleaning the toilet) Every flatmate gets his own account and collects points whenever he or she finishes a cleaning task. If there is a urgent task without any volunteers to do it, you now don't have to haggle about it - Simply obligate the person with the least amount of points to do the chore.

Every chore's schedule can be chosen, the app will automatically keep track of the last execution and define priorities depending on when the task was last finished and its set execution frequency. This makes it easy to see what chore needs to be completed next.

At the beginning, you can guess how much time a chore needs. When cleaning, you start a timer in the app and over time, your guess will be updated to the running average of the actually needed time.

Have fun with this new way of keeping the flat clean :D
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