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Author's NotesPlay Shadow’s Edge: journal, vent, spray, connect for your mental health


Play your way to more optimism and resilience in just a few minutes a day and take an active role in your emotional health.

The game Shadow’s Edge helps you build the skills you need to visualize, understand & manage tough situations and do something for your inner peace and mental health in a new way.

Bring the devasted world of Shadow’s Edge back to life through self-discovery via guided journal entries and feel empowered to work through your emotions, from daily disappointments to major life challenges.

Shadow’s Edge provides tools that allow you to express yourself in a community through digital art, venting through graffiti tags and in-game challenges. Players support each other by sharing their street art, which helps you feel heard and less alone.

Stress less, and start living a more positive life, by playing a game that is comfortable, entertaining, fun and free. Join thousands of players and express what you're feeling in the moment, so you don't get stuck in your thoughts.

Shadow’s Edge players report a significant impact on emotional resilience, overall mental health and wellbeing.

-Community posts and interaction
-Guided journaling to work through self-help questions
-A personal blank diary to keep notes about your emotions and experiences
-Mindfulness tips & exercises
-Easy tools to create Digital Art in the form of Graffiti and Street Art
-Optional notifications & reminders
-Registration to ensure privacy and keep your data safe
-Live venting and sharing in a supportive and inspiring community
-Community challenges and private missions to help with emotional exercises
-Information about challenges, current events, and to raise awareness

-To take control of their emotional health
-To adopt a new habit to reflect and learn about themselves and connect to others
-To work on feeling depressed often, anxiety, manage stress, cope with chronic health challenges, setbacks, or loss.
-To build life-skills to gain confidence, and recognize their strength
-To encourage others in a community focused on building resilience and social-emotional skills

Research shows that young people do want to take an active role in their wellbeing. Shadow’s Edge is rooted in narrative therapy, positive psychology and in the power of expression.

Dale Larson, PHD, Santa Clara University says: “Shadow's Edge is like a person-centered therapy without the therapist.”

An impact Study with the Dutch Emotional Health Organization and the Positive Psychology department of the University of Twente, showed:
-73% of players felt more connected
-81% felt more empathetic
-85% felt more inspired
-73% felt more authentic

The study showed a significant improvement in optimism, positive self-identity and emotional regulation, all within 30 days.

Lurie’s Children’s Hospital Chicago is completing a clinical study on the impact of playing Shadow’s Edge. The game is routinely reviewed and endorsed by clinical experts.

Shadow’s Edge has won more than 10 awards and nominations including
-Edison’s new product innovation
-Global Mobile Award for enhancing kid’s lives
-Digital Health
-Parent’s Choice Award
-Serious Play

And has been positively featured in Bustle, Venture Beat and pocketgamer amongst others.

We are the Digging Deep Project (, an award-winning small nonprofit with big aims to reach young people globally. We work with teens for teens to build tools for young people to take charge of their mental and emotional health. We create content and tech products that help young people develop resilience, strength and confidence to face the hard stuff that comes their way.

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Shadow’s Edge - build resilience, lower anxiety APK - v1.8.1

Updated: 2021-01-22

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Various quality of life improvements and bug fixes! Let us know if you discover anything out of the ordinary in the world of Shadow's Edge at
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