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Author's NotesA whole new world of mini-games that you can play non-stop!


"Shaba-Shaba!" this is a whole world of mini-games that you can play without stopping. Just swipe your finger from the bottom up to launch the next game! And again! And again! We are releasing a new game every week, go to " Shaba-Shaba!" to get acquainted with the new products!

In Shaba-Shaba there are games for women and games for men, games for children and games for adults, but all of them are United by our main principles:

- In Shaba-Shaba games for the whole family - there is no violence or other undesirable content.
- Games are easy to start playing, but some will make you think twice!
- All games are very different! If you don't like the game, swipe up from the bottom and try the next one right away!

Here are our favorite games from Shaba-Shaba:

- Find paired cards among the many unpaired cards in a variety of stories - choose from 400 cards with delicious food, 500 cards with fantasy RPG artifacts or 600 cards of a post-apocalyptic world! Searching for items is addictive, be careful!

- Old things require delicate care - make them look perfect with an iron! smooth out every crease in sweatshirts, socks, shirts, skirts, underwear and enjoy their bright colors as if they are just from the store!

- Cut fruit into the thinnest juicy slices in a meditative game. Choose your pace and the game will adapt to you! Exotic fruits with unexpected fillings are waiting for your culinary genius!

- Crazy Golf from a parallel dimension! Flying into one edge of the screen, the Golf ball flies out of the other! Use this spatial paradox to get into the hole, avoiding amazing obstacles!

- TIC-TAC-toe in sea adventures with a new, strategic mode! Sounds incredible until you try it!

- (Preparing for release) You have invented a cure for the zombie virus and now you must cure all the zombies! Take your syringe gun and vaccine, and don't let the zombies get to you, otherwise you will become a zombie yourself!
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Updated: 2020-08-23

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